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About us

  • We bring fresh IT wind to golf clubs and resorts.
  • Thanks to inovations we increase the competitiveness of clubs, resorts and the whole industry.
  • We enjoy looking for unexplored ways and leading our clients to success.
  • We are respected partners and our word is valid.



Tomáš Vrbický, Founder and Technical Director

Six years ago, Tomáš fell in love with golf. Gradually, he crazed all his family into golf, his wife and twins Sára and Tereza. Family Vrbický has their home club in Kořenec and practice on their own driving range, which they run in Kostelec na Hané.
Thanks to his own active play and operation of the golf site, Tomáš comes up daily with ideas for making golf clubs and resorts more efficient and making golfer´s lives easier and easier. Tomáš is a master of efficiency and time management. At the same time he manages several of his own IT companies, runs a driving range and plays dozens of golf rounds per year. If you have a feeling that there is not much time left for the family, there is. It is hard to say how he handles it all. Maybe he programmed an application for it and didn´t tell us about it.
Tomáš lives in Prostějov and you can recognize him on the phone by his unmistakable haná dialect.

Jirka Novosad, Business Director

Jirka got into golf more than twenty years ago, in pioneer times. Gradually he and his parents started to run a natural six-hole golf course in Šumava and although he has tried several times to stray from the golf path, he hasn´t never accomplished. His golf orientation was confirmed by an one year study in Scotland, where he specialized in the Golf Management. Upon his return, he managed the golf course in Čeladná and represented the promoter in organizing the European Tour, Czech Open 2011 in Celadna. His last golf destination was seven successful and beautiful years at Loreta Gof Club Pyšely.
Jirka always tries to find new ways and is not afraid to take risks in implementing innovative ideas and approaches. Thanks to this, he is able to distinguish the product he is currently dedicated to from others and to become the market leader. Jirka enjoys business strategy and marketing. Also thanks to his experience, the TCM.golf is not only about ones and zeroes. The possibility to consult any problem is without saying. Unlike Tomáš, Jirka is already cured of the fiercest golf fever and enjoys skiing, snowboarding, camping and outdoor activities in summer.



TCM.golf story


  • Tomas watches closely the running of junior academy in Kořenec thanks to his twins who play golf. He sees a lot of room for efficiency using available technologies. After success with the GolferIS application for the clubs, he begins to prepare a similar system for junior academies.



  • TCM.golf was  first used in the spring. The app was tested by the junior academy in three junior academies in the Czech Republic. During the season the app was ironing out and was completed according to requirements from the practice.
  • In the autumn, Tomáš presented the application to the general secretary of Czech Golf Federation, Aleš Libecajt and to the captain of the Czech Golf Federation, Petr Šavrda. The Czech Golf Federation expressed its interest in deploying TCM.golf Application in all junior academies to improve its own information system with regards to the individual junior academies activities and presented this intention at the autumn conference of the Czech Golf Federation.



  • Currently, the third and final major phase of the application development is done. The app was supplemented with additional functions and an extension in the form a training journal, detailed game statistics, tasks, email and SMS communication and payment manager.
  • There are over 50 clubs and junior academies using the app, supported by Czech Golf Federation ans Slovak Golf Association. Both countries are usint TCM.golf for digitizing the whole process of training from the bottom to the top of the pyramide.
  • In the autumn 2020 it is the right time to show the TCM.golf to the world outside our "home market."



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