informační systém pro golfová tréninková centra TCM

TCM.golf tréninkové centrum golf




The application TCM.golf is a great tool for organisation of golf trainings, tournaments and for communication between golf PRO, management of junior academy and parents. I warmly recommend the aplication TCM.golf to all golf clubs, where they want to improve the junior academy.

Martin Svěntek
PGA Teaching PRO


I have been teaching golf for more than ten years, and with the increasing number of children at the Kořenec junior training center, it was necessary to start optimizing the communucation system, the database of junior players, the organization of training sessions, attendance, tournament calendars and statistics. Since I am in the contact with an ardent golf patient Tomáš Vrbický, it was only a matter of time before he started to create an application for training sessions of Junior Academy after the development of the GolferIS application used for golf clubs. It started two years ago and in 2019 the application TCM.golf was fully operational and I am glad to be a consultant from the very beginning.
The newly created application TCM.golf has made it easier for me to organize junior players, to ensure and simplify communication with players and parents about training sessions, tournaments and club representation. At the moment, we are working hard on extending the training plans and further simplification of communication. I can warmly recommend it to all fellow coaches and clubs working with golf juniors.

Ing.Tomáš Daul, PGA C
Head coach SOGCC


TCM.golf is an ideal tool for managing players, training sessions and events. Entering attendance and comment is quick and easy. Parents do not need to contact the coaches unnecessarily. It is very easy to enter the data on the go. The app also nicely manages tournaments and other events, where you get a clear overview of attendance and absence.
The great benefit is the ability to collect all the necessary information for each player, which forms a comprehensive member database.

Bc. Barbora Vejlupková
Manager Junior Academy in Loreta Golf Club Pyšely


The application TCM.golf is already implemented in our junior academy. I spend one night and after 6 hours the application was ready to be used by juniors, parents and golf PRO in our golf club. The application is great, intuitive  and it make my work much easier.

Martin Kopčák, General Manager
PilsnerGolf Resort Hořehledy


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